ABILiTy Program

The ABI Leadership Team (ABILiTy) aims to provide education and training, peer mentoring and advocacy, as well as volunteer leadership opportunities for young adults with an ABI. The team will utilise a peer based collaborative approach, to build on strengths, develop potential and create meaningful life goals. The volunteer opportunities will offer a pathway for building skills in communication, facilitation, teamwork and confidence with social situations, and ultimately build experience that will enhance their capacity for creating meaningful life roles.

This program was created as a means of building on our experiences over the past 13 years of running the Heads Together Camps for families who have a child or young adult with an ABI. We have had the opportunity to observe young people with an ABI develop their strengths, confidence and leadership skills through participating in the family camping program, in a safe and accepting environment. Our ABI volunteer team at Heads Together Camp are a dynamic and close knit team who are involved in all aspects of planning and volunteer education as well as administrative support. They serve as peer support and mentoring for each other at camps and are highly respected by both volunteers and families for their wealth of experience and knowledge about living with an ABI. They are role models for the younger kids and sounding boards for the parents, providing inspiration and support as the families begin to navigate the challenges of growing up with an ABI. Being an ABI volunteer at the camp also provides a unique opportunity to gain insight on the experience of families who have a child with an ABI, allowing them to reframe their experiences and rebuild their identities as they become adults.

The ABILiTy program will work in conjunction with the Heading Out program, social events for young adults with an ABI. ABILiTy members will act as peer hosts for this program and new referrals for the ABILiTy program will have an informal social avenue for building connections with the team.


  • Must have an ABI, and live in Victoria
  • 18 years or above(no cut off age but primarily be aged between 18-35)
  • Have the ability to participate within a team(there will be a wide range of abilities, in all areas, and eligibility will be determined on an individual basis)
  • Presents no risk to self or others(this will also be determined on an individual basis)

Referrals: Please email info@headstogether.org.au or call 0409 216 189.