My experience has been fantastic. I was apprehensive when I first attended Heading Out at the Wharf Hotel, but upon discovering the other individuals who are dealing with issues I am facing, it just worked. The food and company is fantastic and it’s a great outlet for the issues you face on a daily basis and to openly express yourself.

Sadly, Australia is well behind the rest of the modern world in the treatment of brain injuries. As a result, the group is great for individuals to pass on any treatments which have worked or been effective.

Heading Out is a social group of young adults who have suffered head injuries. They can vary in severity but we are all living with disabilities or impairments.



“Let me spread my wings & learn how to fly – again”

Heads Together and the ABILiTy program helps people with an ABI get together and build life skills. I’ve relearned how to socially conduct myself and work with other people with an ABI. I’ve made new friends and learned how to navigate life. I hope to be able to work my own way into specific courses e.g. further education.

Since a car accident in December 2013 left Nick with a severe brain injury he has come a long way from coma to joining the ABI Leadership Team.



Now as I look back to walking the 100kms for Heads Together I can reflect on the difficulties and the personal rewards that such an event presented for me.

Waves of euphoria surge through my body, explosive bouts of energy allow me to move and my limbs pump with energy.  I want to live here, it is a place of all knowing, I am manically obsessed.  Small incidental thoughts become wondrous worlds to focus my imagination.  I see with absolute clarity,  acute detail  and grandiose schemes are all seen with equal precision.

Even in the midst of this epiphanic state however, another part of my mind knows that my body is failing, permanence becomes temporary, euphoria turns to despondence and even my transcendental mind becomes incapable of simple thought. My lower body detaches from me as though it is no longer mine.  In its place is only pain and even small movements take everything I have.  I am dependant on the next wave of euphoria.

I can see a correlation to the struggles that Reuben, my son who lives with an ABI, has had to go through and continues to go through everyday.  I chose to challenge myself, to push past the point where my body said stop.  For Reuben he has no choice.  Reuben meets challenge face on and with a beautiful smile.  Reuben inspires me more than he knows.  Heads Together support Reuben, they support myself and my family.  Together as a team we all supported each other to walk 100kms and in doing so I feel as though I am better person.


I don’t remember life before Heads Together Camp. For me there never was a life before camp.  My peers have no idea of the world of Heads Together and I am grateful that my family and me have had these times together to be part of this amazing world. If I hadn’t I would be just like everyone else – ignorant and unaware of a whole new life.

Without camp I would be like all other teenage girls arrogant and selfish but I have been to camp ever since I was three years old and I have learned so much. I have learned that people with disabilities can be so strong, so courageous and so determined. I know now that people at camp are not just people that I tolerate or be kind to because I feel sorry for them but they are real people that I value as friends forever.

Meagan’s older sister suffered a stroke in 1999 at the age of 6.



Our daughter has volunteered for Heads Together for the past 7 years. We love hearing about the amazing programs Heads Together offers families and young people following brain injury. We saw the walk as a great way to get involved, support our daughter and Heads Together to continue to provide programs that have such a positive impact in the community. Any spare change you have, big or small would be greatly appreciated.  Our target is $2,500.  


Founder and Managing Director of Heads Together, Kate started the “Walk” fundraising idea two years ago when she walked 100km with a few others to raise money for Heads Together.   The following year 11 walkers took on the challenge and raise $20,000.

This year Kate is walking in the new Walk Together For Brain Injury 50km Challenge.

Her fundraising target $10,000!!!!!! – sponsor Kate here