KATE HEINE, FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR – Kate Heine has been a paediatric physiotherapist since 1997, primarily specialising in children with an ABI. She created the idea for Heads Together Camp and has been managing the program since its inception in 2002. Over the past 12 years, Kate has been able to see the amazing potential, of families and young people with an ABI, to be able to support and inspire each other and create a community of joy and possibility and is so excited to expand this community.





TANJA SPENCER, BOARD MEMBER-Tanja Spencer is physiotherapist specialising in the area of childhood neurological rehabilitation. Her passion has led her to pursue a Masters by research investigating running re-training in this population. Tanja currently works for the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service at Monash Children’s Hospital. Tanja has been involved with the Heads Together organisation since 2004 and joined the board of directors in 2014.



IMG_3452LARA KERR, BOARD MEMBER– Lara Kerr is an Occupational Therapist who specialised in community based paediatric rehabilitation before moving into a government department working on health and disability projects. Lara is passionate about finding the potential and providing opportunities to build confidence in young people in our communities. Lara has been involved with  Heads Together since 2006 and enjoys working with the inspiring  people and families who remind her of what is most important in life