Kate Heine – Managing Director & Chair of Board

A paediatric physiotherapist since 1997, primarily specialising in children with an ABI, Kate created the idea for Heads Together Camp and has been managing the program since its inception in 2002. Over the past 14 years, Kate has been able to see the amazing potential of Heads Together families, and young people with an ABI, to be able to support and inspire each other and create a community of joy and possibility and is so excited to expand this community.


Kayla Summers – Program Coordinator for Camp and ABILiTy

We are very pleased to welcome Kayla to our staff team this year. Kayla has been part of our volunteer team for over 6 years and has experience working with young people as an applied behavioural therapist and as a residential support worker for adults with acquired brain injury. Kayla’s favourite thing about working for Heads Together and volunteering since 2010 is being able to watch individuals and families grow, and achieve their goals and seeing everyone overcome their barriers.


Jane James – Community Coordinator

Jane’s involvement with Heads Together began when her son Nick, who has an ABI, attended Heading Out and the family attended their first camp in October 2016.  Jane is passionate about making a difference not only to Nick’s life but others who have been through the wringer of brain injury. With her background in administration, management and finance (as well as her life experience) Jane looks forward to being able to make a difference to Heads Together as the new Community Coordinator.


Lara Kerr – Executive Director & Board Secretary

An OT who specialised in community based paediatric rehab before moving into health and disability projects. Lara is passionate about finding the potential and providing opportunities to build confidence in young people in our communities. Lara has been involved with Heads Together since 2006 and enjoys working with the inspiring people and families who remind her of what is most important in life.







Tanja Spencer – Director

Tanja is a Physiotherapist specialising in the area of childhood neurological rehabilitation.  Her passion lies in working with families and health professionals in the rehabilitation of a child after sustaining an ABI.  Tanja currently works for the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service at Monash Children’s Hospital. Tanja is also completing a Masters investigating running re-training after paediatric ABI.  Tanja became involved with Heads Together in 2004 and the experiences have directed her career.  She is a founding member of the Board and is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organisation.


 Jessica Trevena-Peters – Director
Jess has worked as an OT, mainly in the area of community rehabilitation for adults with an ABI. She is also completing her Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology, expanding her understanding of the practical and theoretical knowledge to compliment her passion for working with individuals with an ABI. Jess feels being involved with Heads Together has taught her many things, both in her life and career and feels privileged to be a part of this organisation.



Mike Kendall – Director
Mike is a Chartered Accountant with experience in the financial, professional and media services industries in Australia and internationally. He currently holds a senior finance role at a large multinational media company. He brings experience of ABI through both his grandmother and son. He was introduced to the camp as a participant parent and is grateful to be part of such an amazing community.