Volunteers for the ABI Leadership Team provide support and guidance to individual team members. Volunteers will be matched to team members and participate in an intake discussion to determine the goals and individual plan for the team member. The volunteer will then provide ongoing support and guidance to the team member as per the individual plan. They may also be involved in specific leadership training opportunities with their team member.

Volunteers are required to have a police check and complete a registration form as well as a program training course.

Volunteers will be provided with information about participants so that they are well equipped to interact and communicate in the most respectful way possible.

Volunteering with this program is an extraordinary opportunity to play a meaningful role in the development of a young person’s life, goals and aspirations. More than any of our programs, it is a chance to find out what is possible for young adults with an ABI in our society and to help realise our vision of a society where the focus is on possibility not disability.