Why the Walk? 

Heads Together is a Victorian based, not for profit organisation who run social, recreational and leadership programs for people with an ABI and their families. Our mission is to provide opportunities for people with an ABI and their families to feel connected, inspired and positive about building a better today and tomorrow. Read some stories from our community find out why funds raised from the Walk are so vital.

Juanita – a Mum

A few months ago I meet another family, and within 10 mins of talking to them I was in tears, someoneView full post »

Mel – a Volunteer

“What is Heads Together?” – a question I get asked every time I pack my face paint, sleeping bag andView full post »

Taylor – Living with an ABI

I’ve had an ABI since 2003. I was hit by a car while crossing a street and spent 2 months in hospital.View full post »

Andrew – a Walker & a Dad

Now as I look back to walking the 100kms for Heads Together I can reflect on the difficulties and theView full post »

Gayle – a Mum

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I’ve never really understood this saying till weView full post »

Meagan – a Sister

I don’t remember life before Heads Together Camp. For me there never was a life before camp.  My peersView full post »

Cathy – a Walker

I have been involved with Heads Together for so long that I can’t remember the first year IView full post »

Cummins Family – First Camp Experience

What an amazing weekend. We headed to Glenmore on the other side of Melbourne for a two dayView full post »

Lachie – Heading Out participant

My experience has been fantastic. I was apprehensive when I first attended Heading Out at the WharfView full post »

Kate – Founder of Heads Together

It started with the sudden loss of my Dad and the lightbulb that switched on when I realised that theView full post »

Nick – an ABILiTy member

“Let me spread my wings & learn how to fly – again” Heads Together andView full post »

Lisa – a Volunteer

I was blown away by the community of incredibly warm, kind and courageous people who welcomed me inView full post »


What we do with funds raised

Funds raised by the Walk will go towards expanding our programs.

Our Family Camping program provides weekend and day camps for families who have a child or young adult with an ABI. It is the only ABI specific camp of its kind in Australia, giving families the chance to belong to an incredibly supportive community of people who understand what they have been through. Camps are for around 20 families with at least 75% having been to previous camps, the whole idea is to create one big extended family who you get to catch up with a few times a year and share a really fun time, with a whole lot of support and understanding. This means that we only get to offer places to a few new families per camp which is why we need to add more camps to meet the growing demand.

The Heading Out Program was created in 2015 to provide expanded social opportunities for young adults with brain injuries. Our aim is to provide a safe and accepting environment for people with an ABI to go out, make friends and build their confidence in social situations.  Peer hosts, who are young adults from the ABI Leadership Team, are there to create a friendly and welcoming environment and support new people with joining in and enjoying the events. Heads Together volunteers are also involved to provide additional support as required.

We are also hoping funds raised will allow us to grow our Heading Out Parent  events  which provide opportunities to catch up and connect outside of the family programs and develop Heading Out Teen events for 15-18 year olds, with an ABI or a sibling with an ABI. These will be monthly social events where teens can connect and hang out with peers who understand.

Young adults with an ABI have always played a crucial role in our organisation. From planning and volunteering at our family camps, to providing training for our volunteers, and presenting in various forums about their ABI and Heads Together.  This has evolved into ABILiTy, the ABI Leadership Team. This program develops abilities and confidence through teamwork, collaboration, mentoring and volunteer leadership opportunities. Leadership opportunities include volunteering within our organisation and its programs, education and awareness raising within schools and organisations, as well as providing support and mentoring within the team.

Heads Together is almost entirely volunteer run, and we do not charge participants to attend, which means that most of our costs go directly to paying for our programs

Our mission is to create opportunities for people impacted by ABI to come together, support each other and use their lived experience to educate our volunteers and the wider public.  We focus on abilities, accepting differences, and providing a community of understanding that will always be there.

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