Kate Heine

Kate Heine Profile Picture
Joint Managing Director & Founder

Background Paediatric physiotherapist; founded Heads Together in 2002 

What Heads Together means to me I love the wisdom, understanding and sense of family within our Heads Together community. It has become my family, too, since I lost my parentsI know the difference we can make in people’s lives – that’s what drives me to keep driving positive change.

Lara Kerr

Lara Kerr Profile Picture
Joint Managing Director

Background Paediatric occupational therapist; health and disability development projects; part of Heads Together since 2006

What Heads Together means to me I’m passionate about developing Heads Together as a charitable organisation, and being part of a community that understands brain injury. We value everyone impacted by brain injury and their journey. Whether you’re a mum, brother or therapist, you bring something special to our community.

Jane James

Jane James Profile Picture
Community Coordinator; Parents Program Coordinator

Background Administration, management and finance; lived experience of brain injury as a parentpart of Heads Together since 2016 

What Heads Together means to me I love what Heads Together gives to our families and young people, and I love being able to share and learn from other families. 

Kayla Summers

Kayla Summers Profile Picture
Senior Program Coordinator 

Background Applied behavioural therapist; residential support worker for adults with acquired brain injury; part of Heads Together since 2010

What Heads Together means to me I love watching individuals and families grow, achieve their goals and overcome their barriers. For me, Heads Together embodies family, friendship and love.

Isabel Penny

Isabel Penny Profile Photo
Program Support Officer

Background Student, Bachelor of Business, majoring in Event Management; part of Heads Together since 2003

What Heads Together means to me Heads Together means being a part of a family. Being involved in these programs since I was three years old, I know how much our work means to everyone in our community. I love being to be able to bring these events to life.

Tanja Spencer

Tanja Spencer Profile Picture

Background Physiotherapist in childhood neurological rehabilitation, Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service; part of Heads Together since 2004

What Heads Together means to me In 2004, as a freshly graduated physiotherapist, I was dragged along to a Heads Together camp by my room-mate. Heads Together helped direct my career towards working with children with acquired brain injuries. I love the joy, acceptance, positivity and support that the organisation offers.

Mike Kendall

Mike Kendall Profile Picture
Director & Treasurer

Background Chartered Accountant in financial, professional and media services industries; lived experience of brain injury as a parent and grandson; part of Heads Together since 2017

What Heads Together means to me I found out about Heads Together after Kate spotted me crossing the road to school with my son Miles, who has an acquired brain injury. My favourite thing about Heads Together is that it is built from a foundation of care, understanding and acceptance, which resonates throughout the community.

Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson Profile Picture

Background Specialist in management consulting and applied innovation; lived experience of brain injury as a parent; board member since 2018

What Heads Together means to me Joining our first camp was totally transformative: we felt as if we all belonged and were deeply understood. I started to appreciate the journey I was on, and what a roadmap of support could look like. Each catch-up is an opportunity to reflect, learn and deploy the next part of our plan.

Ange Barry

Ange Barry Profile Picture

Background Former CEO of Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation; non-profit and ethical business strategist and leader; part of Heads Together since 2019

What Heads Together means to me I love that Heads Together brings together people with lived experience, giving voice to their stories and, as a result, shaping the way the health sector supports and services the community. Flipping the model to participant-driven care is not only innovative, but sorely needed. 

Penny Analytis

Penny Analytis Profile Picture
Project Officer, Project HOPE

Background Researcher; neuropsychology registrar; part of Heads Together since 2016

What Heads Together means to me I value the people I meet through Heads Together, who generously share their experiences with me. The community has taught me so much, and continues to teach me and guide me in both my work and my life.

Liz Heynes

Liz Heynes Profile Picture
Communications Manager 

Background Management, product development and communications; word nut and grammar geek; part of Heads Together since 2020

What Heads Together means to me I’m in awe of the team’s passion, enthusiasm and boundless energy to support the Heads Together community. I’ve felt welcomed and valued from the first day I arrived in the Heads Together world. 

Kristine Bugeja

Families Manager

Background Bachelor Degree in Business (marketing & event management); currently studying Post Graduate Certificate in Career Education & Development; part of Heads Together since 2020

What Heads Together means to me I was drawn to Heads Together because of the sense of community, engagement, inclusiveness and connections that are formed with families, children, teens and young adults. It’s a unique place where voices in the community shape how programs are created and delivered, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!