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Acquired Brain Injury

An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) refers to any injury to the brain that occurs after birth.  Damage can be caused by an accident or illness, and common causes include road trauma, stroke, falls, and viral infections of the brain. An ABI can affect any part of the brain, resulting in changes in someone’s ability to process information, manage emotions, speak and understand or be physically independent.

Over 700,000 Australian’s are living with brain injury, two thirds occurring before the age of 25. These young people and their families are thrown into a frightening new reality.  Where answers are scarce, outcomes are extremely variable and public perception is often misunderstood.

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Heads Together's amazing volunteers in a group hug.


We connect people who feel alone and afraid following brain injury. We enable people to support each other and be part of a community who truly get it. This allows people to rebuild their lives and move towards a positive future. We are a voice for our community driving equality and understanding.


In 2003 Heads Together was created by a group of volunteer paediatric clinicians, and the families they were working with. They saw a gap in services and created Heads Together so that families would have a place to support each other. Since then we have built an amazing community which offers family camps, social and educational events, leadership training and online support.

Our organisation is driven by the people that it serves. Our staff, board and volunteers are a collaboration between health professionals and people with lived experience of brain injury. Funding for our programs relies on generous donations from organisations, philanthropic foundations, fundraising events, grants and individual donations. Our programs do not charge a fee to attend, so that we can ensure that our community is available to any young person and their family impacted by brain injury.

Our Purpose

Our purpose places the experts – people with lived experience – at the centre of everything we do.