Our Purpose

To create opportunities for people impacted by ABI to create opportunities for people impacted by ABI to come together, support each other and use their lived experience to educate our volunteers and the wider public. We focus on abilities, accepting differences, and providing a community of understanding that will always be there.

We want our community to be available to any family in Victoria who has a child or young adult with an ABI. To know that they are not alone and that there are so many stories full of hope and positive outcomes, and to offer programs that will provide opportunities to connect, make friends and be part of a community of people who understand and want to help them build the best possible future. We are committed to providing a community that is driven by the people that it serves. People with an ABI, and their families, are involved in every aspect of our organisation. From company development to program delivery and volunteer training, our community play a crucial role. We provide a platform for families and young adults to educate others about their experiences with ABI and to support people new to our community. This opportunity to give back is what helps people to transform a negative experience into a positive.