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Privacy Policy for accessing Heads Together for ABI’s website

Privacy Policy 

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information, and understand you care about how your information is collected and used. 

This Privacy Policy is an important document so please take the time to read it. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

This Privacy Policy complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and all related Australian legislation (collectively, the Privacy Law).  Further details can be found at 

What information we collect 

We only collect personal information where necessary and relevant so that we can provide you with access to information or other services. The extent and type of personal information collected will vary depending on how you interact with us.  

We may collect personal information for related purposes, but only if you reasonably expect us to, or consent to us doing so. 

The types of personal information we typically collect include: 

  • name and other contact details (e.g. address, email address, phone number); 
  • information on how you found out about us. 

Any personal information collected is required or relevant for us to provide our services or make information available to you. Some personal information may be collected for activities not specifically outlined in this Privacy Policy, and where reasonable, we will make clear why we are collecting it when we do so. 

Why we collect personal information 

We collect personal information where relevant so that we can provide you with access to information or other services.  These include: 

  • delivering programs, services and events; 
  • processing and accepting donations and bequests;  
  • staff/volunteer applications and records;  
  • conducting sponsorship activities; and  
  • conducting other related community and organisational activities. 

How we use disclose information 

We use and disclose personal information to fulfil the purpose or which it is collected or else for related purposes. We will not use your personal information for purposes unrelated to the service we provide, unless we first obtain your consent. If you do not provide certain personal information, we may not be able to provide the service you require. Your personal information is stored in a secure database. 

In line with modern business practices, we will use personal information to tell members and supporters about organisational issues, program content, program changes, volunteer services and other relevant matters. Consent to use service providers to assist us with this and other services (e.g. mailing house, postal services, personal information and payment collection services, web-hosting service or an email service) is assumed, unless you tell us otherwise. 

For the purpose of fraud investigation or other unlawful activities, there may also be the need to share information with recognised authorities, regulatory bodies, government and other agencies. 

In providing you with a service, we may disclose personal information to other organisations or agencies (e.g. mailing houses) that are bound to handle personal information in the same way we do. Business terms entered into with such organisations or agencies prohibit them from using the personal information for anything other than related our activities.  If you do not wish us to disclose your information in this manner, please email your request to [email protected]. 

Internet security cookies 

We take all reasonable steps to store personal information securely. We want you to feel confident in dealing with us on the internet. Only delegated and authorised personnel have access to your personal information, and only under strict controls and procedures. 

When you visit our websites, you will automatically be sent a cookie. A cookie is a small amount of information sent from a web server to your computer, enabling your computer   to be recognised on future visits. For example, you can see what pages you have visited and take fewer clicks to get to the web page you want next time. 

Web payment system for donations 

We accept online payments for donations using a web-based payment system via a third-party payment provider. That payment provider uses industry standard secure encryption and is PCI-DSS compliant to keep your personal information and transactions secure and private.  We do not separately store your payments details. 

Notifiable data breaches 

If a suspected data breach occurs, we will determine the extent of the breach. A data breach may occur if your personal information is lost or subjected to unauthorised access or disclosure.   

If we believe that the suspected data breach is likely to result in serious harm to you, we will notify you and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner as soon as practicable and as required by the Privacy Law. This notification will set out a description of the data breach, the kinds of information concerned, and recommendations about the steps you should take in response to the data breach. 

Accessing your personal information 

We will give you access to a broad range of information about your interactions with us for the limited purpose of viewing and, in certain cases, updating your personal information. Please advise us of changes to your contact details or other personal information. 

We take reasonable steps in these circumstances to ensure that personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, current, complete and relevant. Under the Privacy Law, you have the right to obtain access to any personal information which we hold about you, and to advise of any inaccuracy, if it is out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading. There are some exceptions to this right set out in the Privacy Law. 

If you request access to or correction of your personal information, we will require you to verify your identity and specify what information you require. We may charge a fee to cover the cost of verifying your application and locating, retrieving, reviewing and copying any personal information requested. If we agree to correct the personal information, we will do it as soon as practicable and if there is a delay, we will advise you in writing. 

To make a request to access or update any of personal information we hold about you, please contact our Privacy Officer at: 

Email: [email protected]  

Post: Heads Together for ABI Privacy Officer, 80B Harvester Road, Sunshine VIC 3020, Australia 

If you would like further information about the way we manage Personal Information, or wish to contact us about a concern or complaint, please contact our Privacy Officer using the details above and we will investigate the issue. We will notify you of a decision in relation to your complaint as soon as practicable after it has been made. 

You may also obtain further information regarding compliance with the Privacy Law at