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For current Heading Out events, give us call on 0409 216 189
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The Heading Out Program was created in 2015 to provide expanded social opportunities for young adults with an ABI.

Participants must be 18 or above, medically stable, and have the ability to participate and communicate. Anyone with high risk and/or support needs would bring their own support person. Partners or a close friend are welcome to attend.

Peer hosts, who are young adults from the ABI Leadership Team, model and facilitate connection and interaction.

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Heads Together volunteers are also provided for support, safety and well-being.

By creating events that are thoughtfully planned to maximise independence and engagement in a fun social setting, we are providing young people with the opportunity to build their own social network and to always have a place where they belong.

For current Heading Out events, give us call on 0409 26 189 or connect with us on our Facebook page.

Heads Together's ABILiTY Leadership TeamABI LEADERSHIP TEAM: ABILITY

Please use this form on our Contact page to expressing your interest in joining the ABILiTy program, or continue reading to learn more about it.

Young adults with an ABI have always played a crucial role in our organisation. From planning and volunteering at camp to providing training for our volunteers, and presenting in various forums about their ABI and Heads Together.

This has evolved into the ABI Leadership Team. A program which provides leadership training, peer mentoring, and ultimately leadership opportunities for young adults with an ABI. These opportunities include public speaking to raise awareness and educate others about the real life experiences of living with an ABI, providing support and mentoring, and volunteering within the organisation.

Following an intake process, an individual plan is created with a peer mentor and support person. The ABI team member will then be involved in leadership seminars, quarterly team meetings, and will take part in a variety of leadership opportunities as per their individual plan.

Becoming part of the ABI Leadership Team gives people the opportunity to build their strengths, develop their potential and create their own life plan.

Through our ABI Leadership Team ABILiTy, young adults can be part of a team focused on building the Heads Together community and their own leadership skills.

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Please enjoy these videos from our ABILiTy team members. If you would like to know more about the program, please send us an email using this form on our Contact page.