Getting involved with Heads Together has been THE BEST THING I have ever done. They provided so much love, laughter and support to everyone involved- whether it be young people with the injuries or their families. To keep this organisation doing the amazing work that it does, I have chosen to walk 50K in a day and hope that you can get behind me.

Marina’s fundraising target = $1000, sponsor her here


Issy Penny

Issy is the neice of Heads Together Founder, Kate Heine and has been part of the Heads Together community for most of her life.  Issy will be taking on the walk for the first time this year.



Millie is one of our valued long time Volunteers at our Family Camps and has bravely taken on the challenge to walk 30km.

Her fundraising target $500 – sponsor Millie here


Team Summers

Our daughter has volunteered for Heads Together for the past 7 years. We love hearing about the amazing programs Heads Together offers families and young people following brain injury. We saw the walk as a great way to get involved, support our daughter and Heads Together to continue to provide programs that have such a positive impact in the community. Any spare change you have, big or small would be greatly appreciated.  Our target is $2,500.  


Founder and Managing Director of Heads Together, Kate started the “Walk” fundraising idea two years ago when she walked 100km with a few others to raise money for Heads Together.   The following year 11 walkers took on the challenge and raise $20,000.

This year Kate is walking in the new Walk Together For Brain Injury 50km Challenge.

Her fundraising target $10,000!!!!!! – sponsor Kate here